Our Mission

The Lodi Area XC Ski Club was formed in November, 2005, with the
mission of providing and promoting local cross-country skiing through
high school and middle school teams that compete around the state.  
The club has also developed a youth ski program and adult training
groups.  On top of that, the club promotes easy access to groomed trails
located in the center of Lodi as well as affordable programs and events
for families.
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Lodi Area XC Ski Club
Important News

2013-14 SCHEDULE

TRIP TO IRONWOOD,MI                 12/6-8
LODI INVITATIONAL                        12/14
RHINELANDER   RACES                  01/4-5
WAUSAU SNEKKEVIK                     01/11
MADNORSKI RACE/ELVER             01/14
KETTLE MORAINE                            01/19
IOLA                                                    01/26
BADGER STATE GAMES                 02/01
STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS               02/7-9
KORTELOPPET/BIRKIE                   02/22
NORWEGIAN BIRKIE                        03/15

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Thana is an eigth grade middle school skier for
Ice Age Nordic. She took 10th place in the classic
pursuit race at State and finished 13th overall.
Thana also plays soccer in the fall and spring and
participates in Forensics. She is a great
student-probaly gets straight A's! She is strong
as an OX and fast as a GAZELLE!
Ski Team News

The big news for this season is that
our racing team has a new name-  
As we take on a more regional
profile with skiers from Lodi,
Mt.Horeb and Waunakee, we felt it
was important to have a name that
reflected our Tri-County personality.
Our vision statement is:"To promote
the sport of nordic skiing and
provide a competitive opportunity
for high school and middle school
junior skiers from the Tri-County
area."  We have a new LOOK with
beautiful new uniforms.

Ski Team opens season with a 3rd place finish at Lapham Peak

The Lodi High school and Middle School ski teams opened the season this Saturday with a third place finish at the Lodi
Invitational at Lapham Peak.  Madison won the boys race division followed by Peak Nordic while Peak Nordic won the girls
division followed by Madison.  Lodi, now called Ice Age Nordic, finished well ahead of North Kettle Moraine and Burlington.

“Normally we put on our Lodi Invitational Meet on the golf course in Lodi.  We have enough snow for practice, but not a quality ski
event for 100 racers.  Lapham Peak in Delafield makes snow for XC skiing and provided a beautiful race course for our skiers.”,
comments Coach Dale Fanney.  Delafield received about 3 inches of snow the morning of the race making conditions excellent
for racing. Skiers raced a sprint format which is an all-out sprint for 1.7 kilometers in a qualifying and finals heats.

In the Girls Final,  Lodi placed three girls, Paige Nichols 6th, Ellery Rourke 9th and Chelsea Buchanan 11th.  Only Stefan
Humphries made it to the boys finals for Ice Age Nordic, with a 12th place finish. In the Middle School Finals, Maddy Lee took
second for Lodi.  In the novice race, Garet Nolley finished 2nd with Andrew Markart 3rd.

Lodi ( Ice Age Nordic) will meet Madison on Wednesday nite at Tyrol Basin for another round of Sprint Races.  Coach Fanney
comments,” Madison Boys are the current State Champions and Wednesday’s grueling races will be a pretty good prediction of
how things will go this season.”  
Aidan Campbell takes 5th in Rhinelander
Middle School Girls team finishes 3rd in both Skate and classical races.

The High school and Middle school ski teams started the New Year with a 2 race series in Rhinelander this weekend. Cold
weather and dangerous wind chills forced officials to schedule both races on Saturday Jan 4th. On Saturday morning, the boys
finished twelfth in the 7 kilometer skate race while the girls finished 8th.  James Saager led the boys with a time of 23:23(38th)
followed by Stefan Humphries (40th) and Nathan Taylor (50th). In the girls race, Aidan Campbell finished 13th, followed by Paige
Nichols (34th) and Chelsea Buchanan (36th). “This was probably the hardest race of the year on a World Cup type course and
seven kilometers is a long race for high school”, comments Coach Dale Fanney.

The real highlight of the morning was the middle school girls third place finish in the five kilometer middle school skate race.
Maggie Conway paced the middle school girls with a 9th place finish followed by Thana Zoske (10th), Siri Martin (24th), Maddy
Lee(25th) and Rachel Campbell(28th).

The High school teams rebounded in the afternoon for the classical races where the boys finished 9th and the girls finished 5th
overall. Aidan Campbell medaled with a 5th place finish while Paige Nichols finished 17th and Chelsea Buchanan 24th.Allie
Gorton placed 36th for the girl’s varsity team.
Stefan Humphries finished 17th and James Saager (29th) for the boys with Nathan Taylor (35th). The middle school girls
surprised the field again with third place team finish paced by Thana Zoske(7th),Maggie Conway(11th)---,Rachel Campbell(17th),
Maddy Lee(20th) , Siri Martin(22nd) and Sydney Cowden(28th).

This weekend the ski teams head to Wausau for the Snekkevik Classical Races.
Campbell sisters ski at Junior Nationals

Lodi Nordic skiers Aidan and Rachel Campbell represented the Lodi/Ice Age Nordic ski team at Junior Nationals in Cable ,
Wisconsin this weekend. On Saturday, Aidan Campbell finished 20th in the U18 division  5 kilometer skating race that featured
most of the elite and Olympic development skiers from the Midwest. Coach Fanney comments, “This is a great finish for a skier
from our program and if you only look at the girls from Wisconsin that Aidan will face at the State Meet, she would have placed 8th.  
On the same day, younger sister Rachel Campbell placed 4th overall in the junior national 3.5 kilometer middle school race.
“Rachel has come a long way this year and the Lodi/Ice Age Nordic middle school girls are starting to look like State title
contenders.”, adds  Dale Fanney.

On Sunday, Aidan again placed 20th in the 5 kilometer classical race. Aidan comments on her races,” I really learned a lot about
racing at this level of competition, especially the starts and finishes and racing in packs of skiers. And the hills, we don’t have hills
this big in Lodi!”

  Coach Fanney adds, “We have never had a high school skier finish in the top 10 at the State meet, but Aidan could change all that
this year with strong races at State in 3 weeks.”   Lodi’s Elliot Statz finished 14th last year at State and Paige Nichols finished 25th
overall two years ago.

The ski teams head into a week of bitter cold with Conference Championships on Thursday Jan 23rd and Iola on Sunday Jan 26th.
High School Ski Teams finish Third at Conference
Middle School Girls take Gold Medal

      The South Conference Meet took place at Lapham Peak State Park on Thursday nite 01/30 under perfect conditions with both
the Boys and Girls teams finishing third. In the Boys 5 k skate race, Asher Winner finished 10th with Stefan Humphries placing 13th,
James Saager 14th, Nathan Taylor 15th and Matt Saager 16th. Madison swept the podium for the team win with Peak Nordic
second. Ice Age Nordic(Lodi) was third ahead of Burlington and North Kettle Morraine.

In the girls race, Aidan Campbell finished 4th overall with Paige Nichols 9th, Ellery Rourke 14th , Rachel Porter 15th and Allie Gorton
17th.  Peak Nordic won Conference with 9 points with Madison second(18) ,Ice Age Nordic third (27), Burlington 4th and Kettle
Morraine 5th.

The Ice Age Nordic middle school girls took first with  Maggie Conway winning the 3.5k skate race, Thana Zoske third, Samantha
Soulier 7th, Maddy Lee 8th and Siri Martin 9th.  Coach Dale Fanney adds,” The middle school girls team is consistently winning and
could be a big surprise at the State Meet next week.”

The Middle school boys represented by Wyatt Bennett, Andrew Nolley and Braden Soulier finished 17th,18th and 21st.
Ski Teams finish 7th at Capital Square High School Relays
The High School ski team finished the regular with the High School Sprint Relay Championships on Saturday evening. Both the
girls and boys three member teams finished seventh. The races took place on Madison’s Capital Square with a one kilometer
track of snow around the Capital under perfect conditions. Each skier skated one lap around the square. Coach Fanney
comments,” The snow conditions were the best I have ever seen during Winter-Fest with temps around 22 degrees”.

In the girl’s semi-final, Paige Nichols finished the first lap in 2nd place, but the girl’s state champion, Erin Bolger, passed Lodi’s
Rachel Porter and the rest of the field to give Lakeland a big lead. Chelsea Buchanan skied the last lap with Ice Age Nordic
finishing 4th. Iola went on to win the final with Peak Nordic second and Wausau East third.

In the boy’s semi-final, Asher Winner skied the first lap to a virtual first place tie with Madison, but James Saager and brother Matt
Saager ended up 4th behind Madison, Peak Nordic and Rhinelander. Madison won the finals with Peak Nordic second and Iola

This week, the Ice Age Nordic ski team will send 10 skiers and 2 coaches to the 23 kilometer American Korteloppet, 2 skiers to
the junior Birkie races and 2 coaches will ski the 54k Birkie. In March, Coach Dale Fanney is heading to Norway to ski the 54
kilometer classical Norwegian Birkebeiner.
Girls finish 8th at State Meet, Boys 13th
      The Nordic ski teams competed in the Wisconsin Nordic Skiing State Championships at Telemark in Cable ,Wisconsin this
weekend with temperatures starting out below zero for the morning races, but otherwise beautiful weather with perfect skiing
conditions. The event featured a 5 kilometer World Cup type course for the high school and a 3 kilometer race for middle school
skiers. Coach Fanney comments,” As usual, the State Meet really tests the toughness and fitness level of each skier. The course
is hilly with exhausting uphills and fast technical downhills.  Then, you have to add in the weather factor with very cold temps. This
year’s skiers were battle-hardened by the extreme cold and wind they faced all season.”

      On Saturday, Aidan Campbell skied to an 11th place finish in the skating race, the highest finish by a high school Lodi Skier
in the history of the ski program. Paige Nichols finished 36th,Chelsea Buchanan 65th,Rachel Porter 70th and Allie Gorton 80th,
leaving the Girls team in 9th place. On Sunday, Campbell again finished 11th overall in the pursuit race. “I am quite sure that we
will see Aidan in the top 10 for the next 2 years of her career.” adds Fanney.  Paige Nichols finished 25th in the classical race,
while Chelsea Buchanan moved up to 47th, Rachel Porter 55th and Allie Gorton 70th, pushing the girls into 8th place overall for
the State Meet.

      In the boys race, Asher Winner finished 33rd on Saturday with Stefan Humphries 52nd, James Sager 61st, Nathan Taylor
68th, Matt Saager 85th, Andrew Markart 101st, Garet Nolley 105th, Joel Fugere 106th and Mitch Endres 108th.  In the classical
races the next day, Humphries improved to 40th place, James Saager to 51st and Matt Saager to 83rd. Overall, the boys finished
13th at the State Meet.

       As expected, the Middle School girls team took the Bronze Medal with a third place finish overall at the State Meet. Maggie
Conway took 11th on Saturday with Thana Zoske medaling at 10th place on Sunday. Samantha Soulier finished 20th overall, with
Siri Martin 25th,Maddy Lee 32nd and Rachel Campbell 34th. The Middle school boys were represented by Wyatt Bennett who
finished 58th and Andrew Nolley 61st, “ Coach adds, “ Wyatt and Andrew are only in 5th and 6th grade, so these were  really
tough races for them, but by next year, they will be pretty fast kids!”

      Next weekend, High school team will compete on Madison’s Capital Square in the Wisconsin High School Sprint
Championships with 3 skier relay teams skating a 1 kilometer loop around the Capital. The formal ski season closes on
February 22nd with American Birkebeiner in Hayward, Wisconsin which features a 23 kilometer race for most kids and a 54
kilometer race for their coaches.

2014 Birkie pushes Skiers to their limits

         The 2014 Birkebeiner will go down as one the hardest ski Marathons in recent times.  By Friday morning, one day before
the race, over 15 inches of new snow had fallen on the 33 mile race course from Cable to Hayward, Wisconsin. As groomers
tried to pack down the snow, winds up to 40 miles an hour dried up the snow and dropped temps to zero degrees by race
morning. As the race started, racers found themselves skiing on slow soft snow. Local ski coach Dale Fanney comments,”
The top skiers get to ski on a flat smooth surface, but as you get to even the third wave, the snow starts to break down into
mashed potatoes”. He adds,” Usually you can glide along and rest on the downhills, but this year there was no rest!”

Local skiers Paula Tonn, Katie Kratcha and Dale Fanney completed the 54 kilometer classical course with Tonn finishing in 4:
57 and taking 5th in her age group. Ski Team Alumni Syd Endres , Elliot Statz and Mike Conway skated the 51 kilometer
course with Endres finishing in 4:24.

Ten Lodi skiers raced the 23 kilometer half-marathon (Korteloppet), many for the first time including mother-daughter team of
Julia Edwards and Allie Gorton. James Saager led the high school skiers with a great classical race finishing 13th in his age
group with time of 1:44. Other Korteloppet racers were Aidan Campbell,Chelsea Buchanan,Rachel and father Larry Porter,
Matt Saager, Cory Conway, Ken Detmer and Fred Hofmann. Altogether, over 30 skiers associated with the Ice Age Nordic ski
team competed in the events.

“This ski season will be always remembered as the coldest toughest winter on record. There were virtually no ski races held
at temperatures higher than 15’F degrees and most of the bigger races had snow and wind before or during the event”, adds

The racing season is over for most skiers. Local trails will remain groomed and open as long as good snow conditions