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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
ABR Trip

When: December 09 to 11th, 2016

Where: Ironwood, MI

Transportation: Parent drivers only

Cost: Approximately $85 (includes trail passes, lodging, and food),
plus  gas money

Food: 5 meals are included on the trip.  Please contact the club if you
have certain food allergies or restrictions.

Lodging: House and rustic cabins at the ABR for coaches and skiers.
Parents are welcome to stay in the Ironwood area, but we prefer that
team members stay togetherat ABR.

What to bring: Bring light, but warm clothes.  NO BLUE JEANS,
GARDEN GLOVES, or COTTON.  Synthetic wear works the best.  
Racers need racing uniforms.  Also, do not forget your boots!

Rentals: Snowshoes and ski equipment is available at ABR

Directions:  Take Hwy 51 north through Minocqua and then right onto
Hwy 2 East toward Michigan.  Drive takes about 4.25 hours without
major stops.


8am     Leave Lodi from the High School or Waunakee
  Afternoon skiing at ABR

7:30     Breakfast
9:00    ABR for classic skiing
12:00   Lunch
1:00  Skate skiing
6:30     Dinner

8:00     Breakfast
9:00    Skiing at ABR
10:00  Classical 5k time-trial
NOON: Lunch
1:00     Leave to go home
7:00pm    Arrive home
Don't forget: Students must request to get off school
on Friday!
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