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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
Rental Equipment

Want to get into cross country skiing?  Don't have the equipment?  The Lodi Area XC
Ski Club provides rental equipment for extremely low prices.  Supplies are limited and
are reserved first for student members.  Rentals are included in the registration fee
for kids entered in the Youth Ski Program, which includes a pair of waxless classical
skis, poles, and a pair of boots.

Rental information is subject to change.  Contact the club at
for more information.


There are different types of skis that can be rented from the Lodi Area XC Ski Club.  
For beginners wanting to learn how to ski, the club recommends waxless classical
skis.  Students will need a pair of classical and skating skis if on the ski team.   

Racing skating and classical skis are $1
-20 a pair per season.
Recreational skis for adults are $10 per season


Ski poles come in different lengths for the two styles of cross country skiing.  
Classical poles are slightly shorter than skating.

Racing skating and classical poles are $5
-10 a pair per season.

Ski Boots

Team boots are $10-20 per season. Ski Team members are strongly encouraged to
BUY       their own combi-boots from or other companies.

Other Equipment

Members can possibly rent roller skis for summer training with special tips for poles
as well as other equipment.  Email the club for what they have to offer.  
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