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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
High School and Middle School Teams


Registration for the 2016-2017 season will cost $100 for high school and $50 for middle
school..   Racing fees are pre-paid and cost about $50 for HS and $25 for MS. There is a
$15 for a ski hat or headband. Uniforms are rented.  Expenses of races and ski trips are
not included in the registration fee.

Rental equipment is available for incredibly low prices of $10 a pair for skis, boots, and
poles. Some brand new equipment will be priced higher.

There will be additional costs for some races and travel. These tend to be minimal per
event .  Some races will be subsidized by the club.  Overnight trips will cost about $50-75,
not including gas.  

Coaching, trail grooming, and some equipment are free.

Ski Wear

Good ski gloves and thick, wool socks are important to staying happy during the season.  
Base layers should be made with synthetic fabrics such as spandex or polyester.  It is
vital to avoid cotton, which traps moisture.  Outer layers should be warm and
comfortable.  Wind breakers and water bottles are recommended.  

Each new skier will receive a ski hat when he or she registers.  Team members will also
receive a racing jersey for the season.  Failure to return the jersey will result in a fine.


Every student needs to have a waiver of liability statement signed by his or her parents.
The club also needs a generic race form and waiver signed.  The Lakeland Hills Country
Golf Club, club sponsors, and the Lodi School District assume no responsibility or
liability for use of their facilities.  Coaches and members are covered by the  Lodi Optimist
Club at practices and races.

Students are allowed to drive to practices, Tyrol Basin, and Elver Park.  Otherwise,
parents volunteer to drive to races and overnight destinations.

Forms and Files

 Ice Age Nordic Registration Form 2017

USSA Liability Form

 Ice Age Nordic Ski Club Liability Form

Ice Age Roller Derby
11/19/16 at HWY 12/19

ABR Trip

ICE AGE Invitational
12/17/15  in Lodi

Rhinelander Hodag
01/07 and 08th

Wausau Snekkevik CL Race

Greenbush Race

South Conference meet
02/04/17 at University Ridge

State Championships
02/10-11-12/ 2017 at Cable

State HS Relays
02/18/17 at Elver Park

American Birkebeiner

Team Awards Nite   ???

Masters World Cup
03/04-11/17 in Klosters,

Swiss Engadin Marathon
March 12, 2017
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Strength Testing
Cross country skiing requires
strength from all parts of the
body.  These routinely tests
include: push-ups, dips,
sit-ups, hovers, and more.  

Check out
strength results from
previous trials.