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Trail Conditions

Lodi Golf Course

The trail head is located on the corner of Vilas Hibbard Pkwy and Strangeway Ave at the
Lakeland Hills Country Golf Course.  A parking lot is routinely plowed near the storage
sheds; road parking is also allowed.  Depending on conditions and weather, an 8 km
trail will be groomed regularly.    

Update or Questions?  Call 608-576-5941 for further conditions on grooming at the
locations above or email

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Trail Map

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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
Our Trails
The Lakeland Hills  Golf
Course has generously
allowed the club to groom ski
trails open to the community.
This year, we are using a
Ginzu 84" Groomer . We are
building a new warming shed
and equipment
building--hopefully will be
done this year.

Donations are welcome.
All grooming is done by
volunteers.  Because of this,
the club cannot always
guarantee conditions.  Please
call if you have questions
regarding the current
grooming status.
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First Snow

No Snow
Golf course is set-up---just waiting
for real snow. Cornfields are a work
in progress.

After some early snow and 11
practices on the golf course, we
now have frozen grass!!!
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