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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
Youth Ski Program
The Youth Ski Program is a fun, non competitive opportunity for youngsters grades 1 - 6  to
learn how to cross country ski, while enjoying time in the outdoors. We invite parents to ski
along with their children. Click here for schedule:

How much does this cost?
Cost per child is $60, with $20 refunded on the last day of practice, if a parent has volunteered
twice during the season. No ski experience necessary. Children are able to keep their
equipment until the last day of practice.  Equipment includes a pair of ski boots, waxless
classical skis, and poles. What a great deal!

Registration Information
You may register at one of the following sessions: There will be ski club information, and
registration for adult ski lessons at this time, if you are interested.

Tuesday, 11/27  from 6-7:30pm at the Lodi Sports and Rec Center,
801 N. Main St.  Lodi

unday 12/02 , from 3-5 pm at the Lodi Sports and Rec Center, 801
N. Main St, Lodi.  This is for YSP registration only.

Equipment is on a first come, first serve basis, so the earlier you register, the better chance
that your child will have equipment. Youth signing up for the program must attend registration.
This is mandatory. Please bring thick, warm socks for trying on ski boots.

Click here for registration form:

What should my child wear?
In order to stay warm and dry, your child needs to wear comfortable, winter clothes, preferably
no cotton such as jeans and t-shirts. Children must come prepared with warm gloves, hats,
thick socks, and a jacket. Dress in layers as skiers may become hot during practice.
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Registration is now open for
For more information,
Paula Tonn at  or
Dale Fanney at 576-5941